Why Shop Vintage?

Besides the fact that shopping vintage seems to be ~trendy~ there are many benefits and perks that come along with it!

Higher Quality

Vintage pieces typically were created using high quality materials compared to what is used today. Quality over quantity they say! Pieces were made to be worn time and time again unlike fast fashion retailers today. 

Unique Products

Shopping vintage/second hand allows you to score one-of-a-kind pieces without everyone on your Instagram feed also having the same exact item. Some people find it more fulfilling to search for that perfect unique piece that you're likely the only one to have. It makes you think who had this piece before me? What was their life like? Where did they live? We believe each piece is its own little treasure.

It’s Sustainable

As you probably have heard, second hand shopping can have a great environmental impact. It can help reduce pollution, save water, and supports your local economy. Although it is hard to be perfectly sustainable, any small steps and efforts can help. 

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